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Understanding VPN Consumer Reports

We’ve talked so much about why we need to use a VPN but here’s some data to show that really, we’re not kidding. People really do use VPNs!

Based on this graph, we can see that of the people who utilize VPNs, most people capitalize on its services more than once a week. Specifically, the research, done by the Global Web Index, indicates that of those who use VPNs on their phones, more than 4/10ths of the users use it everyday. For those with VPNs on their personal computers, about 1/3rd of the VPN users use it every day. This data goes to show that for the consumers with VPN services, they do value the benefits of VPNs and thus, choose to continue using VPNs. We believe that when you choose to invest in a VPN service, or utilize our free platform, you too will understand the benefits of VPNs and understand why many users choose to continue using VPNs.

Based on data from the Global Web Index, we can also see that the demographics of those who choose to use VPNs is very diverse. We have people ranging from young teenagers to retired adults. In addition, we can see a mix of males and females. All in all, this shows us that the use of VPNs is relatively global-scaled and not something that is reserved for a certain demographic. We can understand that there is no set one group that benefits most particularly from the use of VPNs. Rather, everyone can benefit from it!

That being said, our software, Hotspot VPN, caters to everyone. We worked hard to make sure the user interface was easy to use and understand. Trust us, we got your back! Download our app today in the App Store or the Google Play Store!

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